The Concept of Dear Reader

I should go over to a t-shirt printing store, and ask the owner if they could make me a shirt that says, "Who the Fuck is Dear Reader?"

"Dear Reader" is a concept of questions and statements that would usually come to mind of an individual reading a blog post here.  It is based on real questions and real statements I encounter from people, both in the flesh and behind the screen, about myself and the things that I (don't) do.

Some blog posts will feature Dear Reader, some will not.  The ones that do have a comedic and light-hearted purpose for the blog post, but not all blog posts featuring Dear Reader are all happy.

The "Dear Reader" fixture provides an opportunity for me to reply to folks who do genuinely read the blog on a regular basis, as well as for folks who have just discovered This, That, and Vera.

If you want to know more about myself (the blog maintenance brat) or Dear Reader, send me a comment below.


  1. "What a person can do because of how they see themselves?"

    This is a question for the Brat and the Dear Reader[s].

  2. Brat (me): because of how I see myself, I can do anything I want, regardless of how society views me. I challenge the perception of the "Rain Man" descriptive by expressing myself in the things I do.

    Dear Reader: Yeah, but isn't that what you're supposed to do anyways?

    Brat: It is, but most neurotypical folks have not caught on to that yet. The purpose of this blog is the proverbial Cliff's Notes version of How I Live as an Autistic Adult with PTSD.

    Dear Reader: from the Department of Redundancy Department....

    Brat: don't mind them, heh.