Saturday, June 3, 2017

Farmers Markets, Coffee Shops, and Vera

Maybe having no reliable internet may actually be a good thing.

I am getting out more to enjoy the weather (at places like the weekly farmers market down the street from where I live), meeting new people at the corner coffee shop (and earning the nickname "Mixter Perfect" due to my love of wrestling and the acknowledgment of my gender), trying new things, and getting some well needed exercise in all while not having a peep of knowledge on current world events.

Or, maybe it could be just a thing.


Because I had been so out of synchronicity over the past couple of weeks, I actually had to reread the last blog post I wrote. And now, some more updates:

Weight is now down to 331.7 (-9.2 overall).

No Whole30 (Whole 30, same thing) for June, as I am going to live off of the fruits of my (food pantry) labor this month.

An electrician came to My Happy Place on Thursday, only to reverberate what the two telephone company technicians had told me a couple of weeks ago. The positive side to this mêlée is that the electrician will be coming back this upcoming week to start the installation work on putting in a brand new telephone land wire.

I have met with my financial coach again, this time it was yesterday. We discussed about *gulp* reaching out to all of the creditors that I am in the arrears to and explaining to them about my current financial fuckery. Hopefully it will work, as the last time I spoke to one of my creditors, it made me seriously sick. I do feel extremely positive about finally (FINALLY, as spoken like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) become more self secure in my money handling.

My money goal this month: not to borrow ANY money from now until July 3.


Oh, you think it's funny, huh, Dear Reader?

*coughs* Oh, Vera. I'm sorry. *coughs* *sniffs* *chuckles* was a good laugh, that's all. *coughs*

Ha ha, better me to have the financial troubles instead of you, right?

*sniffs* Yeah. *clears throat* If you can manage to pull off not having to borrow any money for one month, like you said, I will buy you a trophy.

Fuck a trophy, man. I want a cookie.

A cookie? Like, this kind of cookie?

You know, maybe I can get "The Villain" Marty Scurll to autograph my right arm so I can get that inked....

*cough* Oy, you got me with that whole *hands up around head, index and middle fingers pointed upwards to signify quotation marks* "not" *flickers fingers* "borrowing" *flickers fingers* "any" *flickers fingers* "money" *flickers fingers* *lowers hands back down* nonsense. But yeah, whatever you want. You want a cookie instead of a trophy? Fine, you got it.

You mean it? Really? Truly?



I said maybe, damn.

Y U get my hopes up so high? Ugh, heh.

Anyways, I haven't been chilling at My Happy Place as much as I would like to, considering I have this whole unreliable piece of shit internet from my latest smartphone and plan, provided by a US government assistance program.

Just how bad is this phone you're talking about?

Okay, since my device does not want to take pictures anymore (I didn't destroy the device [yet]; just the feature is "well hidden" somewhere), here is what the phone looks like in the back and front:

Back view of an Tracfone Alcatel
One Touch Pixi Unite A466BG device.
Photo from Walmart.

Front view of an Tracfone Alcatel
One Touch Pixi Unite A466BG device.
Photo from Walmart.


*sigh* For now, but not for long, but yes.


Oh, for the love of fucking, shut up, you!

*coughs* Oh, Vera. *clears throat* *sniffles* You're killing me this morning, stop it!

Well, quit being so loud like you're on top of Space Mountain, and just maybe....

Touché, Vera....

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